The Beauty Of Minimalism

 The beauty of minimalism lies not only in ridding your life of material excess but in filling your life with the kind of experiences that feed your soul. Basing your happiness on material possessions will never truly satisfy you, but a life well lived will.



In a world of convenience it’s easier than ever to buy things that look awesome and are super cheap. But do you ever ask yourself if you really need these things? We’re constantly bombarded with ideas about products that will make your life easier, more exciting, and in general just better. And who doesn’t want better? It’s certainly sounds more ideal than whatever you have now, but at what price?

Do you ever stop to think about why advertising and social media are constantly telling you to buy more stuff? Sure it’s nice to have nice things. But what’s the point if you’re not happy with yourself The truth is having more material possessions does not equal more happiness.

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