The Beauty Of Minimalism

 The beauty of minimalism lies not only in ridding your life of material excess but in filling your life with the kind of experiences that feed your soul. Basing your happiness on material possessions will never truly satisfy you, but a life well lived will.



In a world of convenience it’s easier than ever to buy things that look awesome and are super cheap. But do you ever ask yourself if you really need these things? We’re constantly bombarded with ideas about products that will make your life easier, more exciting, and in general just better. And who doesn’t want better? It’s certainly sounds more ideal than whatever you have now, but at what price?

Do you ever stop to think about why advertising and social media are constantly telling you to buy more stuff? Sure it’s nice to have nice things. But what’s the point if you’re not happy with yourself The truth is having more material possessions does not equal more happiness.

How can we break this vicious cycle of consumerism? How can we embrace a more simplistic lifestyle? Therein lies the beauty of minimalism.

  • Materialism is so yesterday

With super cool movements like Veganism, tiny homes, and a new awareness of sustainability and accountability, it seems people are favoring  minimalistic lifestyles more and more each day. Everyday I see how people are more interested in improving themselves with holistic, spiritual and common sense approaches rather than just buying a fancy new car or showing off their new stuff. Sure materialism isn’t dead but I feel that people are genuinely starting to be more conscious of what lies beyond materialism and that’s so EXCITING!

  • This is your planet too (take care of it)

We often forget that regardless of our superior intellect and the kind of lives those in developed countries enjoy, that nature is not separate from us but it is an inherent part of who we are and vice versa. No matter how we live, in an urban jungle or in the middle of a forest we are part of nature. We have to take care of it. When you buy too much stuff that you don’t really need you’re adding to the destruction of the environment. I know that sounds off putting but the reality of the situation is that any means of mass production has a significant consequence on the environment. We have to be conscious of not only of what we buy, but of how much.

  • Your things do not define you

Have you ever honestly described somebody’s character based on his or her material possessions? People don’t go around describing you as that person who owns a computer, a lot of jewelry or your collection of pokemon cards  when someone asks what kind of personality you have. Sure those are things that make up your outside appearance but they don’t define the real you. You’re kind, you’re funny, or you’re sarcastic. Those are really descriptions of someone’s inner self, even if they’re only a little bit of the whole that make up the amazingness of you.

  • Your value lies in what kind of person you are

There is not a single thing in this world that will make you a better version of you. No makeup, no clothing, no new tech gadget. You are exactly who you choose to be. You want to be better, cooler, smarter? Improve your soul.

  • The less material items you own the easier it is to pack up and go whenever you want.

Anyone who has ever moved knows what a pain it is to move all your stuff to your new place. All the packing and schlepping everything to its new home, it’s torture. Think about how liberating it would be if you had pared down everything to the bare necessities and just a few items that bring you true joy. It would be a breeze!

  • Save your money for creating awesome memories

The most amazing things in life are the crazy, exciting and heart warming memories that we carry with us always. Our memories will always be worth more than any physical item. So instead of spending money on things that only add clutter to your life anyway, save up for an awesome trip, festival, or charity event! You want to climb the Rocky Mountains or visit the Grand Canyon? Do it! I promise you, those kinds of memories will have a bigger impact on your soul than the newest cell phone on the market or the umpteenth pair of shoes you’ll buy this month. Experiences and memories are where it’s at, trust.

  • Travel, eat good food and help other people

A lot of amazing things add up to a good life, or a life well lived. Things like love, gratitude, and philanthropy: things that come from the soul, things that can’t be bought. Personally my biggest goals in life are to travel, eat good food and help other people. What more could I want? If I can do these things then that is the true mark of success. That is how I’m living my life. That is where my heart finds purpose.


The beauty of minimalism lies not only in ridding your life of material excess but in filling your life with the kind of experiences that feed your soul. Basing your happiness on material possessions will never truly satisfy you, but a life well lived will.




  • Sometimes I forget this. I get caught up in the novelty of “having it all”. Thanks for reminding me I don’t really “need” everything. Simple is best.

    • Your welcome! I think we all need a little reminder now and then about what truly matters in life. I think we can have it all, if that all is more about our inner needs than our outer wants 🙂 Simple really is best.

  • I love this! Great thoughts.

    Xx Taylor